Tilefish Fishing Miami

Golden Tilefish fishing is a very unique fishery to Miami Beach.  We catch tiles only three miles off shore.  The north east has a great population of Golden tiles, but you have to travel more than 100 miles offshore to reach them.  The minimum depth you can effectively fish is 530′ and we find fish to over 750 foot of water. 

Because of the depth we choose to use electric reels.  When conditions are right we are successful with a small 4/0 size reel on a standup rod.  A small Electra mate motor and 50lb spectra line make this rig possible.  In the past we used 12/0 reels, wire line, and a big electric motor.  Golden Tiles range from 2lbs to about 15lbs and average about 7lbs.  Giant trophies are 20lbs to about 30lbs

Jon with a 28lb Golden Tile

Donald with a pair of Giant Golden Tiles

The rigs are also unique. We use what we call a lay down rig and a strip rig.   The bottom that we look for is muddy, I believe they dig burrows in the mud or around isolated hard bottom surrounded by a muddy clay bottom.  Finding the right soft bottom is key.  If you find mud in the right depth you will find Golden Tiles.  The best bait is and cut bait that is fresh.  Fresh is most important, it is dark in their world and scent is most important.

They are aggressive hunters, with good size teeth and big eyes. They like movement and a fair size bait.  North current is the most important element to tile fishing.  With out current, you wont find them feeding.  They are hard fighters and are a blast to catch even on the electric reels. 

If you have been around, and have done lots of fishing, you should try Golden Tile fishing  at least once.  Most of my customers get addicted.  Other fish you may catch while tilefish fishing are Grouper, Swordfish, thresher shark, “Cuban” Night Shark, & Hake.                  

Golden Tile Fish