Kingfish Fishing Miami

Fishing for Kingfish is year round off the reefs of Miami and Miami beach, but they are much more concentrated during certain months. In the spring and summer, as the water warms the schools of fish migrating from the gulf of Mexico north up to the off shore water of the Carolinas and points North.  This time of year the Kingfish are traveling deeper off the out side reef following the off shore bait.  We find fish from the reef’s edge on out to more than 200 feet of with concentrations of fish at about 165 feet of water. The Spring time is the best time to target the big Smoker Kings.  The larger Kingfish migrate past Miami in March, April and May.  The summer fish are in smaller schools, but the average size of the fish a generally larger.     

Big Kingfish Catch

Capt.”Geno” with a giant smoker King

In the fall and winter the schools of Kingfish make their return journey to the south, back to the keys and into the Gulf of Mexico.  These fish tend to stay closer to reefs deep edge.  Although it is not uncommon to catch fish inside the reef as shallow as 40 foot and some times kings will approach the beach an we can catch them in as shallow as 20 foot. The winter school fish tend to a bit smaller, but the schools are larger.  In the winter the larger fish are caught with a big blue runner or goggle eye in the kite.  The long or middle kite pin will usually get that big King if he’s around. 

The Fall and Summer fish are best targeted trolling deep baits on planers or wire line.  Spoons and natural baits, such as Bonita strips and ballyhoo work best.  The winter and spring fish are best targeted with live bait placed deep with a little lead, or suspended from the kite.

Kingfish are an aggressive hard hitting, fast fish that is really a blast to catch.  The small school fish are a lot of fun, but a big smoker is truly a special trophy.                           

kingfish miami

spanish mack miami

King Mackerel “Kingfish” “Silver Leaper”

Spanish Mackerel