Reef Fishing Miami

Reef fishing in Miami is most productive on the deep reefs and ledges.  The target species are Vermilions (Beeliners), Lanes, Black fin, Silky (Yellow Eye), Red Porgies (Rose Snapper), grouper, trigger fish, assorted Jacks, Blue runners, Mackerel, and a myriad of other reef fish  When we fish the shallow reefs you might see Mutton Snapper or Yellow Tail.

To fish the deep ledges, and reefs for Snapper the rigs that are most productive are technically called up and down rigs, commonly known as “Chicken rigs”.  We bait these rigs with cut bait, and fish water from 35′ out to almost 400 foot of water.  Our best action is found in 125′ to about 350′ of water, that’s less than two miles off Miami Beach.

4 Lanes at a time Miami Reef Fishing

Donald & Erica and a lot of Snapper

This style of fishing offers lots of action and instant gratification.  When the conditions are right, you should get a fish every time you put the bait in the water, and on the bottom.  Other species you may catch are many types of Sea Bass, Grouper, Triggerfish, Jacks, and a myriad of other bottom and tropical species.  It is not uncommon to have a 20lb – 50lb Amberjack grab your snapper on the way up…  hold on your in for a great battle.

Live Bait fishing and jig fishing over the same bottom structure can also be effective.  These methods catch larger Muttons,  and reds.  The best baits are a live pilchard or pinfish.  The larger snapper are a less common catch off Miami Beach and are considered a real trophy.

Lane snapper charter miami Vermie
Lane Snapper Beeliner