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  • Swain’s Cay Lodge is wide open for fly/fishing, eco-tourists and birdwatching business November 13, 2019
    This beautiful and quaint Fly Fishing lodge is wide open for fly/fishing, eco-tourists and birdwatching business. Come and celebrate with the lodge their Ten (10) Year Anniversary of doing it right. Some major distributors deem them the “Best fly fishing Lodge in The Bahamas”. The very talented in personality and skills, fourth-generation Guides dedicated to the lodge all have boats in […]
    FSF Staff
  • Everglades Boats Announces The All-New 395cc November 6, 2019
    In their most recent display of design and innovation, Everglades Boats is ready to unveil the newest member of its elite fleet – the 395cc. The brand-new model will be introduced at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show alongside the entire Everglades fleet – including enhanced versions of the popular 295cc and 355cc (now 365cc). […]
    FSF Staff
  • Everglades Boats Announce 355cc Improvements with the new 365cc Model November 6, 2019
    Standing up to its reputation for constant innovation, Everglades Boats is proud to announce brand-new enhancements to its 355cc model. The new-and-improved features will be displayed at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show as the 365cc, alongside other recent innovations, including a reimagined 295cc and the all-new 395cc. The 355cc, to be known in its new […]
    FSF Staff