Shark Fishing Miami

Fishing for the big sharks encountered at the edge of the gulf stream only 1-3 miles of Miami Beach, is highly specialized fishing.  Exiting, thrilling, and a lot of hard work is the best way to describe catching one of the most powerful apex creatures ruling the deep side of the ocean. Some of the sharks you may encounter off Miami are, four different types of Hammer Head, Bull Shark, Thresher, Mako, Sand Bar, Tiger, Silky, Spinner, Cuban Night, & may more.  The method is simple use the freshest bait available.  All of our shark trips start out by catching bait.  The best bait is Bonito, Kings, and mackerels.

Sharks are an amazing and unique apex predator, they will search for there next meal through out the entire water column.  Our best tactics to stay one step a head of the sharks is to place baits near the bottom, on the surface, and staggered in the middle of the water column.  The water depth that we fish and place our baits at depend on the time of year current, and species targeted.  Shark fishing in Miami is uniquely different from most other fishing destinations.  We are fishing in the Gulf Stream which has currents that run almost four knots through some of the year.  Chumming with fish parts is not an effective method in our fast currents.  We chose to chum with sound, and have found our method to be very productive.  If you want to find out more you will have to book a trip to learn all of out secrets.


bull shark

Scalloped “Golden” Hammer Head Shark

Bull Shark