Fishing Charter Boat Trips for Kids

on Spellbound Miami Beach, Fl

On board the “Spellbound” we not only welcome children but encourage parents to involve their kids in our great sport.  We have designed our style to accommodate children so that they will have great success.  We use appropriate size gear so that younger kids can catch a good size fish all on their own.  The feeling of accomplishment is most important to us.  We know that a light rod, bent under the strain of a reef fish is more important than the long hours waiting for a Sailfish for most younger kids.  We know that action in the beginning of a trip will keep most children occupied all day.   So we will do our best to get the rods bent with what ever is biting best. 
Yes your young child can do it! Watching a child catch their first fish is what our business is all about. We have proudly given many kids their first experience fishing, and all have come away successful.  It does not mater if they catch a sailfish in the kite in January, a Bonita on the troll in July, or a vermillion snapper on the bottom, it is just important that they have a great experience.  If they are successful they will love to go fishing, and boating all of their lives.  That is our job.  All of the kids that charter fish with us go home with a great experience, a feeling of success, and a new passion for fishing, the sea, or just boating
The 56′ “Spellbound” is the perfect platform for kids to fish from.  The size of the boat will make all those on board more comfortable offshore. We have high gunwales, this means that the sides of the boat in the cockpit fishing area are high from the water and make the whole experience very safe.  We have all of the latest safety equipment, and special comfortable kids life jackets.  We also have a flat screen TV with a DVD player so parents can bring along their kids favorite DVD to keep the littlest ones occupied.  We have generator power at sea, servicing our air conditioning, and power for any accessory