The Deep Sea – Gulf Stream & Miami Fishing

The Gulf Stream is a river in the deep sea, straits of Florida, in the Atlantic Ocean that is formed by warm currents leaving the Gulf of Mexico and squeezed between Cuba and the Florida keys.  This Current builds amazing speed east of the keys about 20 miles off shore and runs North.  When the Current reaches Miami it is usually less than two miles off shore, and has a velocity of at least one knot and, can reach more than four knots. This current is warmer than the surrounding Atlantic waters, and becomes a warm, fast , and nutrient rich “high way” for most game fish. 

The Gulf Stream Current will continue to flow North and move off shore.  In the Carolinas the Gulf Stream is usually more than 60 miles off shore, and when it reaches New York the current is more than 100 miles off shore.  The Gulf Stream will continue in a curve to the east and will eventually reach an Island west of England.  This Island has moderate climate, and coconut trees that grown from tropical seeds that floated with the current.

Miami is one of the closest point of land to reach the Gulf Stream.  We can usually reach the Stream in about a ten minute ride from our dock.  This nutrient rich river, is where the game live and migrate.  Fishing off the coast of Miami is truly amazing, because of the close proximity of the Gulf Stream.  It is not unusual to be fishing for Snapper and have a Sailfish or Shark eat a top bait at the same time. All of our fishing… bottom, top, reef, wreck, shark, billfish, big game, & little game all happen in the same general area, less the a mile from reef and inside of three miles.

You just never know what you may catch…. !

The path of the Gulf Stream

from the Gulf of Mexico to the middle of the North Atlantic