Just a few of Capt. Jay’s charter boat, deep sea fishing methods on “Spellbound”

Live Bait Kite Fishing

From the fall to the spring Kite fishing is the best method to catch Sail Fish, Hammer Head Sharks, Silky Sharks, Bull Dolphin, Smoker Kings, Black fin tuna & many more.  The Kite fishing method has a few main purposes, the first is to keep the live bait right on the surface.  The live bait that we use are mainly baits that like to be near or on the bottom, So they really don’t want to be on the surface, and they let us know.  Swimming violently to get deep to no avail, stuck on the surface by the force of the wind and uniquely clever rigging.  These panicking baits are sending out signals that exactly match what the predators are searching for.


The Kite also lets us place live baits at pre determined distances from the boat and each other.  With ideal conditions of wind and sea we can fish two kites at the same time, with three baits in each with a total of six baits, on the surface with out tangles at one time. In addition if conditions prevail we can add some deep baits and semi deep rigger baits to the spread.  Some times we may have as many as twelve baits in the water at one time.  The best part of kite fishing is that it is very visual.  Every fish will show them selves, & we get to see them chase and eat the baits as if we were not there.  It is the absolute most exiting way to catch any of the great game wish Miami has to offer.  When you book your trip inquire about Kite fishing , find out if its the right time of the year to put the “rags in the air”

Strangest fish we caught in the Kite: Red Grouper.

Shark Fishing

Fishing for the big sharks encountered at the edge of the gulf stream is highly specialized fishing.  Exiting, thrilling, and a lot of hard work is the best way to describe catching one of the most powerful apex creatures ruling the deep side of the ocean. Some of the sharks you may encounter off Miami are, four different types of Hammer Head, Bull Shark, Thresher, Mako, Sand Bar, Tiger, Silky, Spinner, Cuban Night, & may more.  The method is simple use the freshest bait available.  All of our shark trips start out by catching bait.  The best bait is Bonito, Kings, and mackerels.

Sharks are a unique predator, they will search for there next meal through out the entire water column.  So to stay one step a head we place baits near the bottom, on the surface, and staggered in the middle of the water column.  The water depth chosen depends on the time of year current, and species targeted.  Shark fishing in Miami is uniquely different from most other places.  We are fishing in the Gulf Stream which has currents that run almost four knots through some of the year.  Chumming with fish parts is not an effective method in our fast currents.  We chose to chum with sound, and have found our method to be very productive.  If you want to find out more you will have to book a trip to learn all of out secrets.

Strangest fish we caught shark fishing:  Manta Ray, porpoise (that’s a crazy story) .


Trolling is probably the most widely practiced tactic to pursue game fish.  Used in all oceans and great lakes trolling is highly productive ageless technique. Trolling is simply dragging a bait or lure behind the boat.  The key to trolling is to make a dead bait or lure look like it is alive.  The next step is to combine lures and baits to give the appearance of a school of bait fish. To heighten the appeal to predators the savvy fisherman will make their school of baits look like they are fleeing predators. When a dolphin sees our baits we want him to think they are all swimming away  from him. One last detail that most people do not realize is that the boat, its noise, and disturbance in the water all help to attract the game fish and draw them in.  They think the boat and all its noise is a big school of fish, and our baits are the stragglers, easy Pickens. 

We have taken trolling to new levels incorporating proven tactics of years past and lot’s of new twists to produce big catches.   Our trolling spread is modified to fit the targeted species.  Our general trolling spread contains six rods, two teasers, and a total of ten lures or baits working the surface and all levels of the water column.  The targeted trolling fish are Sail Fish, Marlin, Dolphin (mahi), Tuna, Wahoo, Kings, Barracuda, Little Tunny, Bonita, and grouper.  Trolling can produce many different species in the same area, multiple hookups are common.  Book a trolling trip and see the action first hand.

The strangest fish we have caught trolling are: shark, remora, snapper, & cobia.

Bottom Fishing

Live Bait bottom fishing around reefs and wrecks is a great method to catch some really big bottom fish.  Golden Amberjack up to almost 100lbs, grouper up to 80lbs, we have even caught snapper up to 90lbs.  We know more than 250 wrecks and rubble piles in our area and just love the opportunity to drop a live bait on any of them.  Great fun, great action, and lot’s of excitement.  When you book your trip tell the Capt. you want to go wreck fishing! 

Bottom fishing is a relaxing and fun method of fishing that produces a lot of action.  Simple rigs of multiple hooks and just enough lead to reach the bottom. Cut bait on each hook will produce a bite every  time, if the Capt. puts you in the right place. Targeted fish are, Snapper, Grouper, Jacks, & Trigger Fish.

Specialized deep drop bottom fishing with electric reels in water from 400′ to over 2000′ will target Golden Tile Fish, many species of sea bass, snapper, grouper, barrel fish, & black belly rose fish.  If you want to find out more come book a trip and we can show you some deep sea fish that you have never seen before

The strangest fish we have caught bottom fishing are:  Sail fish, and Bahamas Tiger Tilefish…

 (a new species that we found).


We have taken an old technique and combined the new technology of spectra line and butterfly jigs.  This deadly combination now allows us to place jigs on deeper wrecks with really light tackle.  Catching a 40lb Golden Amberjack on a spinning rod in 300+ feet of water on a fast moving jig is just as thrilling as fishing can get.  Target species are Almaco Jacks, Kingfish, Grouper, Snapper, Little Tunny, and Golden Amberjack.  The wrecks that we will fish range from about 115′ of water and all the way out to 385′.  When conditions are right we can fish up to three jigs at a time and multiple hook ups are common. 

The spectra line is ultra thin and has almost no stretch, so we can use a light spinning setup .  These qualities also  allow the angler to feel the full force the bite, and all of the energy the fish uses to attack the jig and fight to stay deep in the water. We also place flat line baits on the surface for shark, Sailfish, dolphin, and many more. Jigging is fast paced, hands on, and action filled. Catching BIG fish on light tackle is the ultimate experience.  When the wrecks are hot its the most fun fishing  you will ever experience.  If you have never been jigging you will just have to book us and give it a try

The strangest fish we have caught Jigging are: Wahoo & shark