Why book with Us ?  What makes us different from the rest? 

We are not a booking company, and we don’t pretend to represent other boats.  Our primary business is keep our boat, the Spellbound  is booked every day, while offering a custom experience, that is fun, exiting, and a little educational, to each and every customer. Our goals are to offer a great fishing outing, full of adventure, and fun.   And  most importantly, make all of our customers repeat customers! If you don’t believe me, hear what some of our customers have to say.  We have a accumulated lots of  great testimonials, and have earned every one of them.  We greatly appreciate the effort and time it takes to say thank you, so we like to share some of our customers kind words, & experiences.

Why is important to book a boat that fishes almost every day?  The information gained and learned from the previous day gives us an edge over many of the other boats in our area, we know where to find the next days fish.  Most of the time.  Why is important to book charter boats that are owner operators? The owner operator is not just working a job.  He lives and breaths his small business and will do every thing possible to make sure you have a GREAT time, and a successful fishing trip
We are a full time owner operator charter fishing boat.  When you call, Capt. Jay will always be on the phone.  The crew will always be; Capt. Jay,  Capt Joe, Jon , or Capt. Gino,, or  one of our other very experienced courteous mates.  What you see is truly what you get.  All the photos on our site are fish caught on the “Spellbound”.   Caught by our customers, on our charters.  We build our reputation, and business one trip at a time.  Every customer & every trip is very important to us.  
The “Spellbound” is a 56′ Custom Sports Fisherman, and if  you book us, that is the boat you will go on.  The “Spellbound” is a big, comfortable, air conditioned state of the art custom Sports Fisherman.  Tournament rigged, fish proven, record holding, fishing battle wagon.  Visit the tour of “Spellbound”to see more. The only exception is Split Party bookings, although we will do every thing possible to build your trip and get you out on the ocean with us. 

It is our experience and professionalism that will help you catch your Fish of a Lifetime.

Mission Statement

To offer a fun, exiting, educational, & safe experience. Deep sea charter fishing, on a comfortable, custom state of the art sport fisherman, at a reasonable cost. While protecting our resources for the future through our, intelligent management policies.

Spellbound charter boat Miami

Have more than six in your group? family outing or a corporate event with up to 120 people.  We can arrange your multiple boat trip, and handle all of the details.