Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) Fishing Miami

Off shore of Miami we fish for Dolphin year round, but they are much more concentrated during certain months. In the spring and summer, as the water warms the schools of fish migrating from the gulf of Mexico start their journey north.  Eventually ending up in the off shore waters of the Carolinas and points North.  In most parts of their northern part of their migration the fish are 60 to 100 miles out . 

When the Dolphin migrate past Miami the fish are traveling the Gulf Stream’s edge. Following the massive blooms of off shore bait.  We find fish from the reef’s edge on out to more than 20 miles with concentrations of fish at about eight miles. The Spring time is the best time to target the big Bulls and cows.  The larger paired up fish migrate past Miami in April and May. 

Capt. Jay Gaffs a Big Bull Off Miami

Jon with a big Bull, in the kite

The summer fish are in large schools, but the average size of the fish a generally smaller.  Although we see, small groups of larger fish.  It’s also a great time to target a big Bull Dolphin. The best technique to target these fish is use a combination of trolling and “run & gun” .  Fast trolling with a small spread while looking for signs of life and fish from the boats tuna tower.  When we find the fish we switch to live bait and jigs on light spinners, depending on the size of the fish and how they are acting.  When the fish are holding deep, or fish we just don’t see the trolling spread will do the work for us.  Raising fish from the depth, so we can switch to light gear, and work the school.  Just don’t forget to keep at least one hooked fish in the water and on the line at all times.  This will keep the school around so can keep on catching.  If the fish try to swim off remember what time of year it is and move the boat with the school.  They will at some time have an unstoppable urge to push on with their migration.  If they are headed north just keep up with them and you can continue to bait interested fish. Just always keep your eye on the prize, they can disappear in the blink of an eye.                               

In the fall and winter the schools of dolphin make their return journey to the south.  These fish tend to stay closer to the western edge of the Gulf Stream and migrate along with the Sailfish.  Kite fishing becomes a great way to target this population of fish.  The winter school fish tend to a bit larger, and the live bait really works on these fish. We also sea quite a few larger fish.  The Big Bull and cow Dolphin will try to steal a kite bait away from the Sailfish, as the fish continue their migration south.  A big blue runner or goggle eye in the long or middle kite pin will usually get that big Bull if he’s around.

The Gulf Stream and the migrating schools of Dolphin may be more than 100 miles off shore when they reach the northern part of their journey.  What makes Miami’s Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) fishing so great is that the gulf stream can be less than one and on half mile from the beach.  It’s just that easy. 

Full limit of schoolies

Bull Dolphin art

Bull Dolphin “Mahi Mahi”