Marlin Fishing Miami

Marlin fishing in the waters off Miami may be productive at any time of the year. When ever we have the fast currents of the  gulf stream at our door step, an encounter with a Marlin may happen.  We seem to see more White Marlin off Miami in the spring and fall.  In the springtime White Marlin will some times travel with the Sailfish, and if your real lucky one might just pop up in your kite spread.   In the fall months we will see white Marlin off shore arround the south bound schools of dolphin.

Blue Marlin can be year round but more fish are seen and caught  in the summer.  Blue Marlin are more of an incidental catch, I have caught them 25 miles out into the gulf stream or just out side the reef.  Years a go one of the boats at our dock caught a Blue Marlin in 90 feet water on top of the reef only one and a half miles out.  That fish was more than 450lbs                                                

Blue Marlin released at boat side

Capt. Jay & Paul catch a White Marlin

Our largest Blue Marlin was about 550lbs and caught trolling a ballyhoo on a 20lb outfit.  It was a six hour epic battle, hooked just after four pm the fish was brought boat site at about 10:30 pm.  The fish was 13 foot long with a massive girth.    My angler chose to release his fish and have the taxidermist make a replica for him.  It was such great feeling to put your hand on such a great gladiator and then give this fish its life back.  Fighting a fish that big on such light tackle in the black of the night is an experience I will never forget.  My angler gets to look at a 13 foot Blue Marlin in his office every day, and relive that amazing day.  I would also like to note that that fish was THE FIRST FISH HE EVER CAUGHT, first time fishing, period.  Just amazing.

Blur Marlin miami

white marlin

Blue Marlin White Marlin